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Irrigation Systems

We now offer water conservation controllers, from WiFi capabilities to smartphone activation.  You can activate and control your system from any in the world, as long as their is Wi Fi capabilities.   Give us a call and we can discuss several options to conserve our most valuable natural resource, water.

From Sprinkler technologies, to comprehensive irrigation repairs, our crew is here to handle all your irrigation needs with designs and efficient water conservation products and techniques.

We implement efficient irrigation for your property and determine the right fit for your water needs.

Our "smart controllers" are able to save you on an estimate of "25-30" of water cost, without you even touching the controller.

Submit an appointment request, and someone willl respond to your appointment inquiry.

General Hardscape

From Paver Patios, landscape retaining walls, to Outdoor living Hardscapes, see the work on Facebook or in our website.  Or click on General Hardscapes.  Our hardscape designs goes from your imagination to realization for your entire outside property. 

Compare our quality with others and you will see high quality to a very reasonable price when it comes to meeting your budget

You will be amazed what you can do for with couple of thousands dollars in order to enhance your Outdoor or patio deck. A small investment to enhance your home value and work with someone who you can trust. 

We can instill improvements with your lawn and offer an Organic solution for those who want less chemicals on their property.

Pump Services

Let the team at Blue2Green Irrigation & Landscape Management take care of your pump installations, pump repairs, and mechanical parts solutions.  A ;icensed electrician may be required to meet city or county codes.

We offer pump troubleshooting services to get your pump back on line.  We work with all brands and our services have extended near pump operations especially around Lake Wylie and Lake Norman and around the local surrounding lake areas.

Simple Water pump system can be replaced for lake or well pumps.  We can find the most efficient and correct pumping system for you needs. Our supply channel gives us the best quality pumps out in the market today.


Beautify your lawn with Professional Landscape LED Lighting, and keep it healthy with a Blue2Green Maintenance Package.

Aeration, fertilization and over-seeding is highly important in the Fall.  Weed Control treatment programs and all lawn type of grasses are serviced.

We provide all kinds of Mulch and Rock Services at discounted pricing.  We perform yard clean up and trim/prune trees, shrubs and bushes. We can even design economical approach to enhance your landscape.

Sod Installation and Seeding available, which we can start by grading your land, providing good fertilizers and conditioners to the soil, then laid down SOD or Seeding. Irrigation Sprinkler System highly recommended.

Remember, You Deserve the Best!

Michael, Owner

Who We Are

I built Blue2Green from the ground up, I started out doing simple irrigation repair and services, before I knew it, people out there where doing a cheap job and using cheap parts, Period.  I found a better way to service people and care about what is most important to them: CUSTOMER SERVICE, PRICE And QUALITY.  People began to slowly call me; I don't even know how they found me, my best guess was through friends in the local area in which I was truly grateful for. I came across situation, where I saw many clients receive the worst customer service from big landscaping companies (big companies too) and it made me think "I can do this better" and I did.

I began to do more installations and my 16 year old plumbing summer jobs did assist with knowledge, and after 2 years, Blue2Green was created.

We not only do irrigation sprinklers, I began to incorporate lawn maintenance and services,  drainage solutions, landscape and shrub clean up, and simple design yard improvements, Professional landscape lighting, Hardscape stone work with a concentration of Outdoor living designs, drainage, and even cutting grass.  And much more, really.  

I done so much in my life, I did not even think about the GREEN Industry. With being in the Corporate world for a while and the US Airforce as Aircraft Mechanic, I finally realized I was an outside guy. There is an old saying, "sometimes it takes a while to find your passion."

Working outside I met so many people, from homeowners, network groups, business owners and other Landscape owners excited me to learn more about the Green industry.

Blue 2 Green Irrigation and Landscape Management is a Fort Mill, South Carolina based irrigation and landscaping company.

With more than five years of experience-irrigation and service, and 10 years with the parts business, we are more than equipped to handle all your irrigation sprinklers, Lawn and Maintenance Services,  Professional lighting and Outdoor design concepts in regards to Hardscape platforms, from Fireplaces to Kitchenettes for your home,  even enhancing cement patios with pavers, that give a new look, at reasonable pricing.   Landscape design services available.

We offer prospective clients a preliminary design and quotes at no cost.  Insurance documents provided upon request.

Remember you deserve the best!  Michael

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