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Believing in doing honest work and serving customers with good intention.  A new business is always difficult and landscaping is no different than working on Aircrafts.

Actually it is more rigorous and tougher.  We have been in business over a year and very thankful for our customers who make us successful with referrals and staying in touch with us.

Give us an opportunity to earn your business and be part of a winning solution.  Our Surveys are performed by Survey Monkey(tm) and sent to our customers for a review of our work. Some our sent in via email.

 We are registered as a LLC  business with a current 2 Million dollar insured liability policy, copy provide upon request.

Blue2Green supports our Military troops with discounts and additional services to support those in need.

We appreciate all veterans what they have done and are currently doing for our country.  Please let us know your Military stories.

Palm Tree

(Verified) July 2016
"Michael and his team were extremely professional and reliable. Their performance was exceptional and I do not believe there is anything that they can do better to improve their services. I was completely satisfied with every aspect of the job and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them. Thank you Blue2Green."
Lancaster, SC   (Willow Creek Sub)

Landscape (Verified) July 2016
Michael installed  an add on we were very Satisfied, and he was very responsive. Price was a factor with us and his price was satisfactory.
Corrigan Family
Fort Mill, SC (Rosemont Div)

Beach Sunset

Verified with Owner, 2016
l own several large landscaping companies,I have contracted with Blue2Green Irrigation and Landscape over several of my important customer accounts. Blue2Green has executed my projects well and provided good customer service to my clients with warranty. l am very satisfied what they have done for me and my company. I would recommend Blue2Green to anyone seeking professional irrigational services and installation.
Brian Elliott, CEO,Landscape Designs and LawnCare LLC.
Lancaster, SC

(Note for this customer, in the summer of July 2018, we installed one of the largest system done by our company, at 14 Zones, Landscape Designs holds our record!)


Veriied November, 2015

Blue2Green installed a 12 head irrigation extension, tilled and reseed a 4000sqft yard.
I was very impressed with Michael and his crew, they worked hard, and were very thorough. Just two of them had the job done in 4 days, which included carting load after load of top soil and spreading by hand. And when the work was done, they cleaned up well, leaving everything as good as or better than when they found it. Even more than the outstanding work ethic, a lost trait in most businesses, Blue2Green also impressed me with competitive and honest pricing for services and materials.

A month ago I looked at my back yard and saw nothing but dry, cracked, bare ground where it wasn't overrun with weeds, and I felt very blue. Two weeks after Blue2Green, and I see nothing but green, new, healthy grass. My yard hasn't looked this good since we moved into this house. I can already tell that soon it will be indistinguishable from the expensive sodded lawns around it. That's Blue2Green.

I have several other landscape/hardscape projects in mind for my yard. When the time comes to make those a reality, there is no doubt who I call. Blue2Green has made my very short list of trusted vendors I can call and know I'll be treated fairly and see good work done.

Richard H.
Fort Mill, SC (Barberville Road)

Beach Setting

Verified, Oct, 2015  

I had a leak which a prior technician tried to fix twice and failed. Michael correctly diagnosed the problem and corrected it within a half hour.
I now contract his services for opening and closing my sprinkler system and for any problems that occur.

Corinne S.
Fort Mill, SC


Verifed  Oct. 2015

Blue2Green helped relocate and repair some sprinkler heads around our deck expansion. The service was quick and reasonably priced. Michael also gave some solutions to a drainage problem he noticed in our landscape. He will be our first call when it's time for our next project.
Bryan T,  
Fort Mill, SC


Verified, Nov. 2015

We had an issue with our drainage and a sewer cap that I broke off during lawn preparation for overseeding. Michael came out on a Sunday and fixed the sewage cap for a reasonable amount. Michael was extremely knowledgeable about the drainage and recommended we wait to do at the same time as we do our patio to save money. He explained that the patio will effect the drainage and we wouldn't want to do them separately. Also, we had some other pipes that need to be re-buried and he mentioned that the machine cost to fix those pipes will be incurred double if we do it separately than all at once.

Michael is extremely knowledgeable, professional and is interested in helping customers more than making a quick buck. That's a very rare quality in landscaping contractors and for that reason I highly recommend Michael for any landscaping.

Matthew I.
Fort Mill, SC  Chastain Sub

Planes by Mountain

Verified August 2016
I was very happy with Blue2Green. Their work was exactly what they said it would be, and was done when they said it would be. When I was told how well my grass was going to take off, I didn't believe it, but it really did pop after it was installed. I was shown how the system works, and how to make any modifications if necessary. They have been very responsive to my questions post-installation. Highly recommend them.

Scott Y
Indianland, SC


Verifed 12/2016

Blue2Green installed New Sod for my Yard.  I went with them because of Price and Customer Service.  What I feel they did the best was in the quality of installation and quality of work.  The only thing I can say is to make sure you guys keep a straight line between neighbor yards when doing your next Sods project..  Besides that, my Sod looks great!  Hint, Blue2Green will be the first to do my Sod in the backyard 2017.  And they still have my referrals with neighbors and my HOA.

Indianland, SC  (Willow Creek)

Owner response:  David, if the only thing we need to improve on is to keep a straight line,  I certainly will take note and make sure we will read up on geometrical lines on our next install.  Thanks again, it was a pleasure working with you as well!  LOL!  Michael, Owner.

June 2016 {Verified}

I actually live in Charlotte, NC.  Michael was a subcontractor for another landscape contractor who put the Sod in my yard.  Blue2Green installed the irrigation, drainage and handled all the permits.  The Sod and irrigation turned out beautifully.  There were some hip-ups however, it was not Blue2Green faults.  AT & T did not mark all the cables, so they came out and replaced.  However, they torn up my drainage and Blue2Green came back and fixed for me.  All in all, the system works great.  Blue2Green is my preferred contractor.


Charlotte, NC

June 2017 {Verified}

Blue2green came out to our Chemical Company and installed an add-on system.  The installation went well and Blue2green offered up to date water conservation technologies.  The controller works great and now we have weather base information that can come right to our phone.  Blue2Green will get all our POs when it come to Landscaping and Irrigation.  

Mike C.

Facility Manager, Fort Mill, SC

March 2017 {Verified}

Michael is our preferred Landscaper in Walnut Creek,  He has always been there for us.  He had installed our trees, irrigation, garden box, delivered our top soil, and created new beddings for me  I am retired, and my wife still works.  He also still cuts our grass.   We depend on him because of his dependable services. 

K and L

Walnut Creek,  Lancaster, SC

January 2017

Michael came out of time when I could not find depenable service in Indianland, SC of last year 2016, I will never forget he showed up on New Years Eve.  I needed trees, professional lighting, lawn services to assist me in, mulch, drip, and by New year, HE GOT IT ALL. He even knew how to do a lighting Post install with switch, and got my home approved with a licensed electrician, so that when I sell, its was done by an licensed electrician, by the books. I will admit, I threw down some dollars,(LOTS) and Michael respected every penny, I got what I ask for.

I am very please with his service and his Blue2Green team.  They worked hard and my beautiful Nellies are still growing, what amazed me about this small company is, they acted like large contractor company, one job after the other, and did it with proud and Know-how.  I had a large company over and they screwed simple stuff up, like my irrigation.  Michael, realigned my irrigation and got it back on track, the guy who cut my grass had no clue.  Highly recommend.


Software Engineer, Fort Mill, SC Foxridge Sub.

July 2017

We know Michael since the days we lived in York, SC.  He actually did our landscape and irrigation services once a year.  We moved to Tega Cay, SC for downsizing reasons, and he recently installed our Sprinkler System and built a garden box for our hollies.  We contracted with Michael due to Turst and  dependable service.  He ran the Tega Cay Permit and did everything for us, where we did not need to do.  We have known him for several years and we didnt want anyone else to do the work, except Blue2Green.

Bill and Helen

Tega Cay, SC

May 2018 (Verified)

My company has been in business for 15 years. I have worked with Michael and his team at Blue2Green Irrigation and Landscape for over a year now.  I am impress the way they handle customer service as a small company.  He has performed work for my company clients over the last year and half, from service repairs to big jobs for my customers.  All has been performed well.

If there was a problem, Michael would take care of it and put my customer first in line when it comes to warranties.  We now turn to Blue2green for all our repairs and installations.  Our industry standards in caring has slacked I will admit, however Michael brings back the customer service highlights from his Military to Corporate world experiences, leaving me very comfortable, as we both share this vision.

Rick A,  General Manager and Owner

Exotic Landscaping

April 2018

I give all my leads to Blue2Green.  I mow and landscape, and Michael knowledge of irrigation and landscaping helps me tremendously.  His pricing is a little higher, but I dont mind when I know my customers will pay for quality.

Mike C.

Owner,  Mike Carter Lawn Services

November 2018 (Verifed)

Michael responded very quickly.  I actually just moved from the Beach area to TreeTop, Lancaster area.  I didnt know anyone and hit it right off with Michael, regarding my Landscaping needs.  His crew was wondering and he performed every job we agreed on.  I was impressed and someone like Blue2Green, I just gave them the business.

He did the following:  Sprinkler design and installation, Paver Patio 11 x 24 something like that (I loved it),  landscape design and plants, installed big trees and shrubs and gave me the best deal. He had the equipment. I wanted a Rachio new generation 3 and he knew how to do it.  I am going to spread his company name around TreeTop, as I am already  hearing of the bad services going around.

The Bernards, TreeTop Community

October 2018 (Verified)

Michael did a wonderful job on my Landscape Lighting install.  Very happy with the quality and service.  He first did my house last year and then he came back and did my entire front yard.

The Marks,  Providence Down

December 2018 (Email)

Blue2Green did my house lights and probably on his website.  No complaints and he even gave me 2 free ones.  Wow!  who does that?  I just noticed he was more interested in people needs, his products and he believed in them, and not selling me more than what I needed.  And he meet my budget!  The lights were a gift from my hubby!

"The house with lights now"  Waxhaw, NC

February 2019

Blue2Green has serviced my system every year.  I noticed in the past recent years, Michael business has elevated, and what gets me is, he continues to serve my small needs.  I may a need a litte of this done and that, however, he does not dismiss the small items I need.  I appreciate this, even though, the ticket item is low, I am amazed how customer service excites him and serving the community.  I have noticed that as people grow, you never hear back from them or you are last on the list, or you just low priorty.

Jennifer,  Fort Mill Area.